Monday, November 29, 2010

Planning begins.

As a self-confessed Vagabond-wannabe, I've always had a desire to travel to remote parts of the world and really explore certain regions. Places like the Amazon jungle, the Moroccan desert and the plains of Africa all make me giddy like a school kid. I have clashing passions though, as a semi-professional career as an SANFL footballer demands that I am in Adelaide for around 11 months a year. This doesn't leave a lot of time year by year to really take off and explore the world like I've planned.

That is why I've decided to save all my travel for a rainy day, although I would prefer not to have poor weather every day I travel! Well my big travel plans anyway, I might have a few short holidays to subdue the travel bug within for some time but eventually it will get the better of me. In the mean time I am making an effort to save money, which is obviously a vital part to the whole travel goal; as well as some up with a rough travel plan, that would obviously be very flexible. Currently that is what I find myself doing whenever I think of traveling and to some extent it does satisfy me. I know though that I won't truly be satisfied with my life until I take off for foreign shores on an extended vacation, with or without friends. Until then though, I've learned a few techniques to help me get through, which I will share over the next week. Stay posted until then!

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